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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I pay?

You can pay through PayPal, either with your paypal account, or with a credit or debit card.  Unless you have ordered a CD pack, a link to your resources will appear immediately after payment.

How do I get my files?

As soon as your payment has gone though, you will be redirected to the 'order complete' page, where you will receive a link to download your resources.  You will also be sent a copy of the link to your email address. If this hasn't arrived, it may be that you gave an incorrect email address - please contact us if you need the link resending.

How do I download and unzip my files?
Click here to view step by step instructions, and do a test download to try before you buy.

What if I haven't got PowerPoint on my computer?

You can download a free viewer from the Microsoft website. This free viewer will open all versions of Powerpoint files.

What if I have an earlier version of Microsoft PowerPoint?

The majority of the interactive resources to download are made in PowerPoint 2010, which is compatible with version 2007. If you have an earlier version, such as 2003 or 95, you will need to download a free compatibility pack here from the Microsoft website.

Alternatively, when you first open a PowerPoint 2010 file, you will see this message:


How do I open pdf / Adobe files?

All printable files are in Adobe pdf format. This will usually already be installed on your computer, but if not,  you can download a free reader here from the  Adobe website.

How do I open Smartboard files?

You will need Smart Notebook installed to view the Smartboard files, or you can open them via an online version of the software here

I keep getting a message saying 'Windows cannot open this file'
This happens when you do not have the correct program installed - You may see this icon if you have a 2003 or earlier version of PowerPoint - in which case you need to download the compatibility pack or viewer. (see above)

I bought my resources a while ago, and now I can't download them from the link.

The link you are sent expires after 48 hours, so please make sure you download them in this time. If for any reason you lose your resources, just let us know - we will resend them to you.

I would like my resources on CD

Please let us know if you would like a copy on CD.

There is a 'read only' message on the PowerPoint screen
If your files are still in the zip folder, a 'read only' message will appear at the top of the page. You will need to extract them, or take them out of the zip folder, either by dragging and dropping, or copying and pasting into another folder. This will also occur if your files are on CD. If you copy them over to your computer, the message will go.
This message is also displayed when viewing PowerPoints containing Sassoon font (if it isn't installed on your computer).

Some PowerPoints have a 'restricted font' message when I open them

Most of the  EYFS / KS1 PowerPoints are made using Sassoon Infant font. These are embedded in the presentation so that they will work even if you do not have the font installed on your computer. If you choose 'Open Read-Only', the Sassoon font will be displayed. If you choose 'Remove Restricted Fonts', the Sassoon font will be replaced by another. This may mean that text may not display correctly.

Do I need an interactive whiteboard for the resources to work?
Although the resources are designed to use in class on an interactive whiteboard, they will work even if your laptop / computer isn't connected to a whiteboard. The resources are also suitable to use on a laptop or computer in small groups, or when working 1:1

RewardsHow do I redeem my points?
1. Log into your account. (You can use the login form on the left hand side of the page, or the link at the top of the page).
2. Click on the 'Rewards' button at the top right
3. If you have points to redeem, you should see an 'Available' under 'Status'.
4. Select 'Redeem points' and you will be given a reward code.
5. Enter this code in the Coupon / Gift certificate box on the checkout page to use your points.


Telephone orders:

07584 663845

Fax your order to:

08721 113 845
Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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